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Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club
8200 Hamilton Spring Court
Bethesda, MD 20817
301 365 2292




The Club is permitted to sell a limited number of memberships per year.  Members have privileges to use the clubhouse, pools, tennis courts, pavilion and  grills. 


To inquire about membership and/or to be put on a waiting list, contact the Club Membership Secretary via email at

Membership Categories:

Sustaining Members Type 1.  (2018 Fee $800)  The current residents of the 404 original homes in Carderock Springs are Sustaining Members Type 1 of the Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club (CSSC).  Sustaining Members Type 1 are either active or inactive depending on whether the residents living in these homes have paid the annual membership dues.  Sustaining Membership Type 1 is only available to the current residents of the 404 eligible houses and does not follow those residents after the sale or rental of one of these homes.  However, Club membership (with more limited voting rights) is available to anyone who rents one of these homes.  Following the sale of a house eligible for Sustaining Membership Type 1, a ($1500) activation fee must be paid before the new owners can activate their membership.  If the owners choose not to activate their membership in the year of purchase, they may choose to do so in any following year.

Sustaining Members Type 2.
  (2018 Fee $800)  A limited number of additional Sustaining Memberships have been made available to residents of near-by communities. This class of membership is referred to as Sustaining Members Type 2.   Sustaining Member Type 2 membership status requires a non-refundable activation fee of ($1500) plus a ($1000) refundable capital contribution. This fee grants the household full voting rights, entitles the household to the same annual membership dues as Sustaining Type 1 Members, and allows the member to become inactive in one or more years while retaining the right to rejoin the Club as an active member in subsequent years.  If a Sustaining Member Type 2 decides to leave the Club, their capital contribution fee is refunded.  If you are interested in obtaining a Sustaining Type 2 membership please contact the club to place your name on our waiting list. Sale of Sustaining Memberships Type 2 follow the same priority system as the waiting list for Annual Members
 (see below). 

  (2018 Fee $970)All members who do not hold Sustaining Memberships Type 1 or 2 are considered Annual Members.  Annual Members do not have voting rights and must return to the waiting list if they go inactive for a year.  The waiting list for Annual Memberships is made available in the following order or priority: 1) residents in neighborhoods in the Carderock sub-division; 2) in the immediate vicinity of the Carderock Springs and Carderock Springs South neighborhoods; 3) residents of the Whitman school district; 4) all others.   We do not have senior rates for Annual Members.

A reduced rate for Senior Citizens (2018 fee $650), in both Sustaining Members Type 1 and Type 2, which includes unlimited use of the facilities throughout the season is available.


Emeritus Guest Privileges ($100)

To encourage the participation of senior citizens in the community who are Sustaining Members Type 1 or Type 2 but do not wish to purchase a full senior membership, we are offering Emeritus Guest Privileges. This privilege, which will permit the occasional use of the facilities, are limited to Sustaining Members Type 1 or Type 2 households having no more than two persons, at least one of whom is 65 years old or older.  Each senior member of the household may purchase an Emeritus Guest Privilege card at membership renewal time that will entitle the holder to 15 days use of the club’s facilities.  Emeritus Guest Privilege Cards are not transferable among family members.  Guests of Emeritus Guest Privilege cardholders (e.g., visiting grandchildren) are still required to pay the regular guest fees.  Emeritus Guest Privilege passes must be requested by March 1, 2012, the membership renewal deadline. 

Preview Guest Privileges ($375)
In order to encourage potential applicants and give them a chance to become familiar with the swim and tennis club, we offer a Preview Guest Privilege. This will allow use of all the facilities beginning August 1. This preview of the club is a ONE TIME ONLY privilege that may not be repeated for other members of any household who has declined an invitation to purchase a membership.  Applications for Preview Guest Privileges can be requested by e-mail at beginning May 1, and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


Dues and fees for the season (March - February) are voted on at our Annual Membership Meeting.